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Business Planning

Let’s start with a quick refresher. The purpose of your 100 day plan is to have a simple and speedy way to reorganize or refocus your business or organisation. In Part 1 of these articles, you learned how to start the process of getting clear organized thinking by creating a brief Vision document. This document answers the number one strategic

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Getting financial support from your bank

Getting financial support from your bank How to approach a bank if your business needs funding Few businesses can get off the ground without some initial funding. We outline the key things to do if you’re approaching your bank for financial support. Create a comprehensive application A good application will include a lot of detail about your business and the

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Business finance options

Business finance options What’s the best finance option for your business? Securing financing – whether it’s a loan or an investment – is a big step for any business, especially if it’s a new venture. We’ve outlined some of the most common sources of financial support so that you can make an informed choice. Finance from your bank Banks offer

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Business structures

Sole proprietorship, limited company or partnership? Deciding on the legal structure of your small business is an important step, and there are a number of options to choose from. We discuss business partnerships, limited companies and sole proprietorship so that you can understand the responsibilities that come with each. When it comes to setting up a small business , the

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